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2015-10-12 05:33:14 by Otone

I have a list here of things that have happened lately in the past year:

-Got my first ever front page, which honestly caught me by surprise. 
-Did this thing a while ago where I would try to draw one picture every day.
-Gave up on that thing after two consecutive weeks.
-Watched cartoons (loved it).
-Got a job. A newer job. It's the same job, but it smells like chicken.

Hope that update was worth the wait.

I'm Back

2014-02-18 17:29:01 by Otone

Computer is fixed. Expect more unnghhhhhhfhhh art from me. I'm eager to start working on pixel stuff, but I also want to try out Sai 2.0 I'm so far behind guys.

Need to repair, yo.

2014-02-02 19:00:09 by Otone

Thanks to everyone who has been helping me with affording the repairs to my computer. My initial prediction of having to pay only $160.00 to afford the changes to my motherboard and case were completely blown out of the water. Phoenix repair Center added on another charge with a new power supply that I didn't want and neglected to subtract the labor costs from the uneeded case repair. My subtotal is $260.00 So far I'm $75.00 away form affording the repairs, and I need help. I've had one friend agree to buy some art from me, and she's very generous for taking me up on that offer. If anyone else would like to make an exchange, I'll draw anything you want for a small fee.  

Still not Fixed

2014-01-09 21:00:36 by Otone

Just letting everybody know again that my computer is still broken.

For the third month in a row.

If I haven't contacted you, I've contacted friends to contact you. If they haven't contacted you, I'm sorry. This is like the only time I've been able to get on NG in months. Skype is also incapable of being accessed at the moment.


The computer is in the repair shop at the moment though. I was expecting it to be finished a few weeks ago but eh...


Yeah, just letting peeps here know.

Motherboard Fried

2013-11-19 01:51:28 by Otone

So yeah, motherboard crapped out a WHILE ago.
Still crapped out on me.
Took me forever to get to a remote PC to tell you guys.

If you've been trying to contact me for a while, you're SOL, because there's not a damn thing I can do about it.
And there isn't going to be a damn thing I can do about it for a while.

Bwuhuhuhuh! News to report!

2013-09-03 08:40:55 by Otone

Garden: growing SWIMMINGLY.
As in you could swim in it.
It's a water garden... or a "pool" to some of you common mouth breathers.
Cockroach problems at home are through the roof. Like... literally... they're breeding in the space where we'd have an attic... but we don't really have an attic so it's like a space where boards, foam, and sealant are mashed together to keep the roof tiles up. And these aren't german cockroaches either, these are the evil flying wood roaches.

Two comic jobs! :D
My buddy Real Faction whom I've been doing art for offered me a position as a comic artist!
The other job is one with my friend Kellan Marshall, old Gaian buddy of mine... we don't know each-other too well to be honest, but we've had brief social interaction combined with helpful gestures towards one another so... I consider that an acquaintance at least! He's gone on to make HIS comic, Ballbots which I believe to be amazing. I applied for an artist position he opened for a different series, and was accepted.
Granted I don't expect much in payment from either position, but I'm doing something! It beats sitting around all day doing nothing.

Game idea is a bust, coder got sick of waiting for me to finish art for things, and I kind of don't blame him. I'm keeping the assets for it though, just in case I find a future person to help work with me.

I also just slept for 24 hours! That's unhealthy!
I hope I'm not sick with death! :D

Haven't abandoned Skull Warriors, I'm just going to upload the pages on my own grace instead of weekly. RL punched me right in the place where I need food, so... that's the main reason.

The other reason is because I'm working on a super special secret project right now, actually. Me and an old friend once had this magical idea, and she acted as a wall for me to bounce ideas off of. We filled a book full of sketches regarding this idea and... well... Anyways, my buddy Real introduced me to this awesome guy I'm collaborating with to get THAT project idea fathomed into reality.

I'll be uploading something soon related to that project. I'm suppose to be uploading these on the file section of Newgrounds but... Eh, I'll let you guys have a little looksie. I'm in love with it and I feel like it's good enough to show off.

Launch Day Soon!

2013-07-09 17:18:15 by Otone

Tomorrow is launch day...
I can't wait. I can't wait.
Should I upload the pages at midnight?

Not Much Longer Now

2013-06-11 05:04:56 by Otone

The deadline for chapter one of Skull Warriors is next month. I'm working diligently to get the mood I want conveyed in it. I had to delay production on a bit after my step-father kicked me out of home, but don't worry, I still plan on getting this out on Robot Day.

What is the mood for chapter one you say?
I want it to be a sort of... nostalgia feeling. The simultaneous feeling of being happy and sad at the same time while living in your present place and looking back at your life. The sensation of longing and remembrance. A sort of... Pallet town theme-song opening.
That's the mood I want to convey in the chapter, I want things to be good before they get bad. I want people to have a pleasant time at the start and introduce the characters and their relationships with one another before I get started with plot progression... but I already have some characters planned to be revealed BY plot progression, so it's not going to be a long introduction in chapter one.

I can't wait to get this thing out there! I've been wanting to show it off to people so bad.

Robot Day is, I hope, sometime in July.

Other awesome things that happen in July:
-Whose Line is it Anyway returns
-My Birthday

Same shit, different day

2013-04-07 17:09:55 by Otone

Alright, so the phone company is going to start billing us more because a modem we have was a modem that used to belong to them or something, so now we have to get our internet unplugged to survive.
What does that mean?

Commissions are open.
$20.00 for fully detailed, fully colored art.
Also $20.00 for a 1-3 minute animation, since they take around the same time to complete.
$5.00 for everything else.

There's nothing I won't draw. Porn, scat, furries, I'm desperate here so they're on the list.
If you want to pay me 5 dollars just to make me draw something retarded, that works too.
If you want to pay me 5 dollars to draw my worst nightmares, I'll hate you, but I'll do it.

Now watch me whore myself out.