Entry #19


2015-10-12 05:33:14 by Otone

I have a list here of things that have happened lately in the past year:

-Got my first ever front page, which honestly caught me by surprise. 
-Did this thing a while ago where I would try to draw one picture every day.
-Gave up on that thing after two consecutive weeks.
-Watched cartoons (loved it).
-Got a job. A newer job. It's the same job, but it smells like chicken.

Hope that update was worth the wait.


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2015-10-12 06:28:34

Well, it seems you got some good time after all


2015-10-14 01:38:27

great job, miss ya bud, good to have you back.

Otone responds:

Ayy great to be back.


2015-10-14 13:25:20

Hey Stone, would you be interested in being an artist for a new game im making with a team? Read my newest post.


Otone responds:

I can give it a shot, all I can promise is that I'll do my best. You know my slow workspeed and junk.


2015-10-14 13:39:45

Awesome. Message TwinBlazar (you'll see his username when you click on the game) have him add you to the Skype group. I'm off to work. Good to see you back.